Head Lice Treatment
  • We Proudly Offer Our Clients A One Time Treatment With A Free Recheck And A 30 Day Guarantee!

    We are a skilled team of lice removal experts, using only natural, safe, and non-toxic methods to remove lice and their eggs.

    Simple Head Lice Solutions provides professional lice removal services. All of our products are all natural, kid friendly, and pesticide free. Call us before you spend a dime at the drugstore on pesticides that just do not work. We have created a treatment process that has worked for literally thousands of families. We are proud to offer a safe alternative to over the counter and prescription lice treatments with our all natural products.

    We are here to provide you with a quality service that comes with a 14 day guarantee. We promise that if you follow our treatment process that you and your family will be lice free after just one manual treatment with us. We keep it Simple!

    We answer our phones all day but only operate by appointment. Please call before you come in to make sure we have enough hands for you.

    Head Lice Treatment

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