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    These guys started out of Denver, Colorado and Houston, Texas. Their selection has steadily grown over the last year. The price points of their products have always rivaled their online vape stores competitors. We see their attention to detail when it comes to security. The whole site is SSL secured; they have McAfee monitoring their site at all times. They use for their payment gateway which is also used by many large retail chains across the globe. Their return policy is very fair minded showing commitment to their customer service.


    Security: The whole site is secured via the best SSL encryption available via This ensures customers that they can shop in confidence. McAfee protection not only verifies in real time that is virus free and malware free they also offer $100,000 in identify theft protection via McAfee as part of their customer service. This not only ensures that customer can show with confidence it puts a price on insurance coverage for identity theft protection. They put their money where their mouth is basically.

    Inventory: Vapor Knights USA offers a wide selection of products for an online vape stores. They constantly add more products that are just coming out to keep things fresh. When clones are available they mark them clearly for those who want to save money vs those that want to be sure of getting authentic products. This clear distinction allows everyone to know what they are getting and for how much. This is a real problem with other retailers out there be it a traditional brick and mortar store or an online vape stores.

    Price: When it comes to pricing the vape community still suffers from volatility. Vapor Knights USA took the time to research their online vape stores across the United States. They put their pricing consistent with others to ensure a fair deal.

    Warranty: Vapor Knights USA backs all their products for 60 days with zero hassle. There are no restocking fees. Just if you are not happy with your product let them know and they will make it right with an even exchange, store credit to another item, or simply money back. You can’t really beat that kind of level of customer service in an online vape stores or traditional store fronts across the US.

    User Friendliness: Their website is pretty easy to get around. This means a lot. The check-out process is real fast. You can even log in with your Facebook to speed up the process. Whenever you spend quality time on an online vape stores you want to check out quickly. The same could be said for your local department stores. No one wants to wait in a long line. At Vapor Knights USA you will not have to wait to get what you want.

    Payments: Vapor Knights USA has the widest selection of payments accepted than any other online vape stores in the industry. They accept PayPal, Bitcoin, Master Card, Visa, Discover, and American Express.

    Online Vape Shop

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