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  • Job opportunities for AWS Certification in Chennai

    Have you got AWS Training in Chennai, you don’t have to then worry much about your career. With many companies using Cloud technology, the AWS related jobs are now taking over the entire job industry in Chennai. And IT professionals who have the skills and have got AWS Certification in Chennai from a reputed training institution will definitely get a good job. Along with finding a new job, AWS Certifications are very helpful to grow in career. It is very important to understand what skills sets are valued more in the current job sector and then attempt to find the way to the best Cloud careers.

    Many AWS Training Centers in Chennai provide different certification levels, and thus the job opportunities will also vary. The entry level certifications are for those who are really fresher’s who does not have any technical background.

    The career opportunities that come under Cloud Computing are Cloud engineers, Solutions Architect Associate, Cloud developers, Cloud support analysts and many more.

    Specific Cloud Computing skills such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure have got very high demand in several organizations. Records and statistics tell that over the past 6 years, there was a huge increase in the number of job posting for AWS skill in Chennai. According to Indeed, 102,000 USD per annum is the salary for a Cloud-skilled professional which is one of the high average salaries for IT professionals in general. If we compare the salary of a cloud computing professional with any other job professional, it is found that salary of a cloud computing professional will be 77% more than the average salaries for all other job positions. So having the right skills and knowledge in these cloud computing platforms will be really helpful to boost and enhance your career and you can earn lakhs per month.

    You can achieve the proper skill set and in-depth training on Cloud technologies by going for AWS Training in Chennai by joining any of the Best AWS Training Centers in Chennai.

    Software Developers who already have programming experience, especially Java Developers, can place themselves in the Cloud field by learning Amazon Web Services (AWS) as it is really useful for many software development efforts.

    If you are going for a AWS Certification in Chennai, it is not really a kind of certification for a fresher, and even if you get this certification, getting a good job is less as companies are now looking for people with some amount of experience.

    Now a days many of the experienced professionals have minimum got 2 AWS Certifications. During each certification they are improving their skill set.

    For instance, take the example of Solutions Architect Associate

    There are three associate certifications related to it in AWS

    • Solutions Architect Associate
    • Developer Associate
    • SysOps Administrator Associate
    • For more benefit, you can take all the three certifications.

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