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  • Model FFB-S590/150 milk bottles shrink wrapping machine

    Yakult milk bottles shrink wrapping machine,this machine is specially for shrink wrapping milk bottles, the advantage is it can connect the filling machine and labeling machines.
    When shrink wrapping bottles, the machine can automatic count the bottles and also work with straw dispenser.
    Our shrink wrapping speed can be 120 packs per min,greatly improve the wrapping efficiency.

    1. With 12mm thickness structure,machine total weight is 1200kg, so when machine running at fast speed, it is very stable,and the sealing is also very stable
    2. Servo motor is Japan brand,tested by many many customers and more than 30 years, not have any problem.
    3. Customer can use our bottle shrink wrapping machine day and night.
    4. Bottle shrink wrapping machine can pack different sizes of bottles,big bottles and small bottles
    5. This machine has two heat shrink zone has better shrink quality for milk bottles.
    6. This machine can be made of full stainless steel material, strongly resistant humid environment

    Technical data
    ModelFFB-S 590/150
    Max film width(mm)590
    Packaging rate(bag/min)30-200
    Bag length(mm)80-450
    Bag width(mm)10-200
    Product height(mm)5-85
    Power voltage(v)220
    Total installed power(kw)4
    Power of shrink heating(kw)15
    Dimensions(LxWxH)mm5700*1250*1800heat shrink wrapping machines China

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