Angular Js Training in Chennai
  • Angular Js Training in Chennai

    Angular Js is an open source frontend MVC framework it was written in Javascript and mainly maintained by Google and its community of individuals. "Misko Hevery", He is the one who Developed the Angular Js in 2009.The first public version of Angular JS is released on 20th October 2010.

    Introduction to Angular JS

    Angular JS Training in Chennai

    Angular JS is a JavaScript framework that helps you to build Web applications. It's an excellent framework for building a single page application and also a Line of business applications. Angular Js can be thought of as a web browser and it makes the browser into a super-browser. Angular Js delivers rich and dynamic fast loading content.

    One big difference between Angular based sites and traditional ones is that traditional sites lack in speed when compared to Angular Js sites. In addition, angular allows to write much more succinct code then using plain JavaScript.

    The best part of Angular is it was developed with 3 main concepts in mind. There are,
    Make it modular
    Make it testable
    Make it maintainable

    Benefits of using Angular JS

    When we talk about benefits there are much more like controlling the behaviour of DOM elements using directives.
    Two-way Data-binding: Most useful feature in Angular Js. It keeps the model and the view in Sync all times. Like, Changes in the model Updates the View, Changes in the view Updates the Model.

    Testing: AngularJs shines really well in Testing. Angular makes it very easy to test any of its components and end to end testing.
    Model View Controller: In MVC all you have to do is split your application's code into MVC components.
    Not only the above-mentioned ones Still, there are many benefits in using Angular.

    Angular Js Vs Angular 2

    When the time Angular Js has released their applications, Soon it gained popularity and the angular team started adding a new feature to the Core. But, the frameworks were not designed with the needs of today's applications in mind plus it was overly complex. So, the Angular team decided to rewrite the original framework using typescript and as a result, Angular 2 came out in mid-2016.

    Angular 2 is the entirely different framework from Angular Js. When comparing Angular 2 with Angular Js, Angular 2 has a better framework and it is lot cleaner and it's a lot easier to understand to work with.

    Angular 2 Vs Angular 4

    Angular 2 was written in Typescript and Angular team updates the version to 2.1 and 2.2 and 2.3, then all of a sudden Angular 4 came out. So, a lot of the developers wondered what happened to Angular 3. One of the Angular library versions starts with 3.3.0. So the team decided to bring the version to 4 to reduce the Confusions.

    Angular 4 was not a new framework for a lot of breaking changes. In fact, it wasn't even a major upgrade.

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    What are the Prerequisite to learn Angular Js Training?

    Basic knowledge of,
    TypeScript will be an added advantage.

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    Best Angular JS Training in Chennai

    Below we mentioned a graph that shows the salary packages of Angular developers in different countries...

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    Angular JS Training in Chennai

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