Michael Roub: Healthcare Executive
  • About Michael Roub Consultants

    Michael Roub indeed succeeded in his career as Healthcare Executive due to the fact that he possesses the traits that lead him to where he is now. Michael is now extending his services to greater area of Los Angeles and reassure the fact that the entire community will receive quality services. These traits served as his best assets in order for him to be one among the best in the industry today.

    First, Michael Roub has clarity with his purpose. He definitely understands the reason why healthcare industry exist and the goals as well. And through having clarity of the purpose, this man was able to balance his priorities along with economic realities. Michael also focused in terms of execution since he believes that it might be irresponsible once big ideas are not to be executed. Along with that, he made sure that the people and the systems are being measured and held to certain standards since he also believe that without benchmarks there would also be no way to progress and eventually success.

    Aside from that, transparency could be observed with Michael Roub. Indeed, good healthcare executive is the one that is transparent with his team and could openly and clearly speak about pressing issues. And this man is exactly doing the same thing. Along with transparency would be being visionary wherein he showed his ability of looking and planning ahead of time. He is a man that sets vision and solidifies support from those key stakeholders that would be of great help in order for him to execute his vision. Michael is definitely more than just a healthcare executive.

    Indeed, his experiences honed him to what he is right now. Through the things he learned from these past experiences there will be an assurance of doing only the best now that he is already a Healthcare Executive. This will indeed be impossible if Michael Roub didn’t attend some great schools or universities during his school years. For numbers of years, Satellite High School served as his home. University of Pennsylvania and The University of Chicago Booth School of Business are great schools that taught him almost everything for him to achieve the success he is actually enjoying now.

    Michael has as well capable of great decision-making ability which definitely stand outs from the healthcare industry. Knowing that healthcare industry has complex political environments, Michael ensure to come up with complete and sound decision making. Michael Roub is indeed innovate and has embraced IT and the latest advancements with technology that could benefit the patients, partners and employees. This man is indeed not afraid with regards to changes especially with technology these days. He is indeed willing to embrace even the smallest changes or advances in technology if it could help him to perform his job a lot more efficient.

    Having the best qualities will definitely lead to the idea of being an excellent healthcare executive as well. There is a need to at least possess those qualities that Michael have shown in order to achieve success as healthcare executive.

    To be a Healthcare Executive is hard. There are many task that are passed to you. You will be tasked to make sure that the footing of the organization on aspects such as operational, medical and financial is strong. To serve the needs of the patients, this is very important. You need to professional, trained and skilled for the job. Partnering with the professionals that provide the care is important in the role as well. There would also be times when you would be asked to educate the community members about the different issues regarding their health. The role of a Healthcare Executive is vast and never easy to fulfil. But the job seems too perfect for Michael Roub.

    The person to take this role will not be required to have medical degree. An example for this would be Michael Roub. What he took up was Marketing and Finance from The University of Pennsylvania. He also studied in the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business to have his MBA for which he studied Finance and Accounting. At the beginning of his career, he had find jobs in line with his courses. He became an Analyst in Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette and then their Associate. Through his hardworking tendencies, he got th

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