Ramon Palomera
  • Ramon Palomera the priest was born in the Talpa Jalisco Mexico area and lived in this region of Mexico until he was three years of age. His father Frederico and his mother Apolonia would eventually leave Mexico for the United States and settle in the Lincoln Heights area of Los Angeles. This time of movement was a very exciting one for Ramon as he and his brother and sisters would have access to a beautiful park across the street from their home on East Lake Avenue. Ramon and his family would often play in the park later into the evening or just until their mother called them in for supper each night. Some of his fondest memories of coming to America and growing up happened in this region.
    At the age image of five, he would have a powerful vision looking up at the night sky. Ramon still remembers the woman in blue that he saw that evening as the Blessed mother. This vision still gives him hope and inspiration for his religious career today.
    Ramon Palomera would eventually start school at Lincoln Heights elementary. Here he would discover his passion for music. He would learn how to play the piano and the local music teacher taught him how to sing as well. The Rev. would unlock his passion for his singing career here and would even go on to star as the lead role in The Candyman.
    Roman Palomera the priest and his family would move again in the year 1975 to the Boyle Heights area. They moved into the Ramona Gardens projects and this was a definite adjustment for Ramon. Rather than having close access to the park that he loved or the friends he had come to know, he sought out another form of community.
    On a quick stroll from his home one day he came across the Santa Teresita community church. He was very quickly invited by the parish priest to serve in the church for mass and would be a singer in the choir shortly after that. Ramon became an altar server and would eventually attend the elementary school of Santa Teresita in an effort to be closer to the church. He would attend the school from grade 4 up until grade 8 and continued his passion for the community church eventually becoming Padre Ramon Palomera.

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