Guru Tattoo Studio
  • Guru Tattoo Studio in Palm Beach, Fl, offering a wide variety of services from intense bright color tattooing, Soft grey wash Tattooing to precision body piercing and Micro Dermals. You can choose from an endless assortment of design ideas or have one of our expert staff design your own custom tattoo at no extra charge. We have a full and knowledgeable staff of artists to answer your needs and ensure your new adornment is one you won't regret.

     Guru Tattoo Studios uses new needles and imagesingle use disposable items for every client, as well as Vegan safe pigments to ensure each client a safe and professional tattoo or piercing. We sterilize our instruments using a fully automated autoclave, similar to those found in hospitals and dental offices. Furthermore, we challenge the autoclave with spore testing, which is sent to an independent lab for testing to ensure our equipment is in perfect condition.

    Our staff consistently upgrades their ability and knowledge through training and seminars both locally and abroad and are certified in Blood Borne Pathogens. This ensures your tattoo or piercing is performed using the latest industry standards.

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