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    Tyler Collins is well-known man in the field of digital marketing. He was first known to be a talented and analytic search engine specialist who eventually turned into a founder of Swell Marketing, a company that provides, world-class online marketing services. Truly an inspiration to his colleagues and to those who wanted to be just like him, Tyler Collins is a role model.

    • Search Engine Optimization. First known in the field of search engine optimization, Tyler Collins has helped a lot of clients improve their businesses’ online presence. His works are running around research, planning, implementation, and analysis of campaigns which is why results are almost calculated to offer great returns. All these things and more make the presence and ranking of the client’s website very high and hence become authority sites in their niche. With Swell Marketing already an established provider of everything that Tyler Collins works on, it is not a wonder why this providing is gaining so much ground.

    • Online Marketing. While marketing is the same in any application, there are a lot of techniques that can be used online to draw in more traffic and leads and hence sales. For those who do not know much about online marketing, Tyler Collins Swell Marketing is the best tool for optimization of business sites in no time. He basically knows how things are done online and how optimization is done the right way.

    • Social Media Marketing. Increasingly becoming the launching platform of many online shops and businesses, social marketing has become very important to many internet marketers. Tyler Collins is definitely known to this fact and can offer a number of solutions that will make and help online clients make their businesses visible in different social media sites and networks. This will guarantee high ranking of the site and thus the products and/service of the client.

    • SEM. With the success that Tyler Collins now has up his sleeve, he can now be quoted as the man who has the best talent and skills when it comes to internet marketing. From SEO to PPC, and all other marketing forms, the man can surely offer a few strategies that will ensure the total performance of the website online and the user experience of traffic or leads. With a well planned and executed SEM campaign, there is surely nothing that can keep a client from reaching the pinnacle of success.

    Interests and Hobbies
    Interests and hobbies are among the things that complete the successful life of Tyler Collins. His almost always interested with technology and the things it can do to help improve people lives. Tyler Collins is very passionate about entrepreneurship and philanthropy, which he keeps in low key. He is also into financial freedom, health and fitness, meditation, surfing, scuba diving, traveling, yoga, music, and all other water sports.

    Tyler Collins’ Swell Marketing is not something that just came up overnight, but a well-studied and calculated decision by the guy who brought O’Neill, TracFone Wireless, and Surfline/Wavetrak, Inc. to the peak of success. Tyler is a known web and marketing strategist and consultant who have started as a specialist in search engine optimization. His name immediately became a logo in the digital industry due to his many effective strategies across clients of all tiers. With his long string of trainings and experience in digital marketing, it is not a wonder for many that he actually choose to build his own company to help others in reaching their own pinnacle of success.

    Seminars, Education, and Trainings
    Tyler Collins graduated from Guerilla Business School and gravitated towards Sales and Marketing stuff. He later on ventured in Networking, Negotiating, as well as Goal Setting as the internet era starts to increasingly modernize the systems and lives of the people. He also attended a number of trainings for internet marketing like The System, which is a Professional Internet Marketing Training. His interest in digital marketing is too big not to go for certification and so he pursued Graduate Certificate for Internet Marketing. He then proceeded to earn more skills in the niche by attending a lot of seminars including the Ultimate Marketing Seminar. He also graduated with the degree in Business

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