• If you frequent the various social media applications that are available these days then you may have seen the various famous people who helped to make what has become known as hoverboards famous. Examples of these famous people are musicians Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Nick Jonas, Wiz Kalifa as well as professional athletes such as Karim Benzema (Real Madrid) and David Oritz (Boston Red Sox). The top hoverboard 2016 hoverboard has been seen on the Tonight Show and the NBA Finals. It?s safe to say that shortly after the hoverboard became famous in China around 2014, the western world, particularly the United States followed very close in 2015. For more information on different celebrities who used hoverboar with utmost passion visit blog section of huffington post . Although hoverboards were baned from many cities in 2015, it has again started to gain popularity since now UL certificate is required to ship in USA which guarantees battery safety.

    In today?s market there are a number of variations of the two-wheeled hoverboard that are available. If you have bought a hoverboard recently, chances are that your version of the craft feature the name brand of either Airboard, Cyboard, Esway, Future Foot, Hovertrax, IO Hawk, Oxboard, Punkee Duck or Segway. If you?re responsible for the IO Hawk version of the hoverboard, as Curtis Hedges is, you?re possibly annoyed by the fact that Jamie Foxx rolled onto The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and called your version the PhunkeeDuck. Which is actually quite difficult to tell the difference as the versions are very similar. However, whatever version you are considering or already own, they are essentially the same. The question remains: how did these become so popular.

    Well, the answer is not in this hemisphere. As much as we would like to believe that the hoverboard originated in the west, alas, it did not. While it can be difficult to determine where the hoverboard originated exactly, most sources point at a Chinese company called Chic Robotics which is also referred to as Hangzhou Chic Intelligent Technology Company, Ltd. Interestingly, the logo for this company resembles the log for IO Hawk: a horizontal line on top of a logo. The first version it seems of the two-wheeled scooter, also known as the hoverboard, was built in 2014 and called Smart SI. This version of the hoverboard eventually made its way to a fair in China with more than 180,000 buyers from around the world and the rest is effectively history.

    After being demoed in front of the world many companies latched onto the technology but none as quickly as IO Hawk. A pre-existing company that has versions of the hoverboard available for different weight classes. It is important to note that regardless of the manufacturer, they all have promises of yet to be released versions of the hoverboard that will be the latest and the greatest.

    While most of this information is irrelevant to the great fun that is to be had on a hoverboard, it is interesting to see how something transcends the conventional notions of a market and becomes as popular in one country as it is in another country on the other side of the globe.
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