louboutin homme Scott PR was appointed water platform for PR Consul alexa mulber

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    "this choice Scott PR as our public relations consultant is the use louboutin homme value of the paint industry familiar with their degree and understanding ability," general manager of the water platform director DSM NeoResins Greater China Mr. Pei Zhonghua explained, "and I believe that the company has several well-known multinational consultant for coatings enterprises experience it will enable us to benefit."

    water platform (China) was founded in 2009 July, is by the coating material supplier, manufacturer and CNOOC Changzhou paint Chemical Research Institute organized by the non-profit organization, the office is located in Shanghai. The agencies believe the process and material of green and environmental friendly will be the future direction of development, and so committed to the cooperation and efforts of the whole range of industries, speeding up China's industrial coatings, adhesives, inks and other markets by the solvent based products to change traditional water products.

    coating industry water platform" announced today, the group has commissioned the famous international B2B corporate communications consultant Scott PR since 2011 as the organization's public relations consulting, an advisory role brand positioning to assist the organization to carry out propaganda work, and in the organization, to alexa mulberry let more business and industry to participate in the joint construction of "water" platform of cooperation in.

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