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  • "excellent occupation managers to find the influence of the speed of development" of our company in Olympic Garden, Chen Shun of general manager of occupation managers is restricted the development of the company expressed regret. "This may be a common phenomenon in the industry," he added.

    in a personal capacity, industry experts said, occupation managers must have very sharp market judgment ability, strong leadership and good communication ability and personality charm. Because the Real Estate Company to deal with the government, but also involves a number of social sensitive problem, so the occupation managers must also have the ability to integrate social resources, as well as the ability to coordinate the relationship between the parties.

          recently, the real estate news emerge in an endless stream. In May 17th, the State Council executive meeting announced six measures to promote the healthy development of the real estate market, by the media as "new country six". Although the real estate regulation has been removed, but in mid May held real estate industry special recruitment will still manteaux parajumpers provide annual salary of 100000 between -50 million jobs 150, attracted more than 2000 people. The adjustment of the real estate industry on the occasion, the demand for talent seems to be more vigorous. At the same time, because the industry is facing more unpredictable factors, occupation managers more popular.


    is because the ability of occupation veste parajumpers managers demanding, occupation managers appear shortage phenomenon will be not at all surprising. But once sat on the "top leaders" seat, and his ability, should be relatively labor, rising compensation. Real estate enterprises in order to stabilize talent, will pay a higher return, provide better welfare, to attract long-term occupation managers.

    in fact, although the real estate industry paid has been attracting elite, but the reporter found in the interview, most professionals are referred to the real estate industry by occupation managers, i.e. "a" lack of distress. Especially in Beijing real estate industry by not long ago to the current extremely unpopular may enter a period of adjustment situation, excellent helmsman of the notch is more outstanding.

    vestes parajumpers Chen Shun think, good real estate occupation managers in enterprises, projects and other aspects of development plays an important role. In addition, because the occupation of real estate manager power is large, and his decisions often involve large sums of money, so the development of enterprises play a decisive role in the size of his ability.

    recent years, a series of land supply, financial credit and other policies to promote the real estate industry, the survival of the fittest. Deputy general manager of Beijing Huacheng years real estate development limited liability company Huang Xiqing said, many developers of the project can not continue to develop, integrate speed, strength of real estate enterprises are also increasing, many people had to leave because the project stopped. Because of the special nature of the industry, many projects in the people, project ended, people also go, cause >

    talent flow more frequent


    occupation managers gap larger

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